Yeshua, Yahshua, Y’Shua, or Yehoshua?

In our study of 2nd Peter this last Shabbat, we look at the Name of our Messiah, real quick. Nothing to tough, just a simple education on some of the languages, our Scriptures happen to be wrote in.

2Peter 1:1

Shimon Peter, a bond-servant and apostle of Yeshua Messiah,

  • “bond-servant…of Yeshua Messiah” – δοῦλος, doulos, an indentured servant; a lifetime reality
    • required to do the will of his Master
    • required to represent his Master in truth
  • “apostle” (ἀπόστολος, apostolos) – from the verb ἀποστέλλω, apostellō, “to ”
  • Someone commissioned to act on behalf of another person and to do so with the authority of the one who sent
  • “Yeshua Who is the promised Messiah”
    • “Yeshua” – עוּשֵׁי , from the noun עהוּשְׁי , “salvation”
    • Not “Yahshua” or “Yehoshua”
    • “Yeshua” means “Savior,” “One Who effects Salvation.”
  • Messiah: the Anointed One Who would save His people from their sin.
  • Uninformed Messianics think His Name is “Yahshua” or “Yehoshua” – Why?
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  • “Yahshua” is a fabrication and is not the pronunciation of ַע שׁוְֹיה . The ה is pronounced with the following vowel (cholem-vav) as “”, thus “Ye-ho-SHU-a”
  • “Yahshua” is a concocted attempt to put “Yah” as the beginning of Yeshua’s
  • How would the Greek transliterate “Yeshua”?
    • There is no “y” sound in
    • There is no “h” sound in Greek, except at the very beginning of the word (with a rough breathing mark).
    • There is no “sh” sound in
  • Ye-sh-u-a
    • Thus, “Ye” is approximated with “i” + “ā” = ee-ay
    • “sh” is transliterated as “s”
    • “ou” is transliterated as “u”
    • “a” is left off, since in Greek this ending would indicate a feminine noun.


She will bear a Son; and you shall call His name Yeshua (עוּשֵׁי , Yeshua), for He will save (יעשׁוֹי, Yoshi’a) His people from their sins. (Matt 1:21)

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